Rosie Alsop

Rosie Alsop is a North London based Assistant Photographer/ Photographer.

Rosie has had an interest in Photography from her early teens. Whenever she got the chance she would channel her art projects into a photographic series until she could study photography at college, this is where she found her love for Food Photography. Since finishing her University course in Photography, Rosie has assisted a range of food, drinks and still-life photographers all over London. The photographers she has assisted work on Editorial, Packaging, Public Relations and Advertising shoots. Rosie has been assisting for three and a half years and over this time has had the chance to work alongside a range of food companies, publishers and agencies.

Rosie has photographed alongside other photographers as well as working on her own shoots. The clients include:

Slimming World, Eye to Eye Media, Marks and Spencer, Heinz and Butter Believe It.


If you would like to get in contact please call or email with the details below.

T- 07734809942